Motorcycle Accidents

With their popularity ever increasing, motorcycles have become commonplace on the roadways today. However, many automobile drivers fail to pay attention or take adequate care in avoiding contact with motorcyclists. Because of their size, motorcycles and their riders often do not get the respect they deserve on the road. This leads to an increase in accidents. In many situations, a motorcyclist is not to blame for the accident. Some common causes of these accidents are:

• Other vehicles –the small size of motorcycles may result in a driver’s “blind spot” ;

• Weather conditions – Because motorcycles weigh much less than other vehicles, they are much more likely to be involved in an accident during bad weather.

• Alcohol or drug use –drugs impair the judgment and ability of motorcycle drivers, creating a much higher risk of a motorcycle accidents in general.

• Speed – The laws of the road apply to motorcycles as well, including speed limits. Unfortunately, a motorcycle’s maneuverability, speed and agility may result in motorcyclists driving much faster than they should.

Common injuries relating to motorcycling accidents include: brain trauma, fractured limbs, spinal injuries, lacerations and contusions and even paralysis.

Seeking the assistance of an experienced accident attorney is therefore crucial if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, many of these motorcycle accidents leave the victims with catastrophic injuries.

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